Membership of the Lead Ammunution Group


Chairman – Mr John Swift (BASC, then retired) – Mr John Swift has an MA(Oxford) in zoology and subsequent MPhil in ecology, and was BASC Director of Conservation Research (1978 to 1984), BASC Executive Director (1985 to 1988) and BASC Chief Executive (1988 to 2013). He chaired meetings of the shooting industry’s ad hoc Lead Shot Technical Working Group from the late 1970s until 2010 and has chaired the FACE Lead Ammunition Working Group as well as national and international meetings and workshops on lead.

The Gun Trade Association Ltd – Mr John Batley (resigned June 2015)

Game and Wildlife Conservation Trust – Dr Stephen Tapper (retired at the end of 2010), replaced by Ian Coghill who attended from the 6th meeting (April 2012) and resigned in December 2014

National Game Dealers Association – Mr Stephen Crouch (resigned May 2015)

Country Land and Business Association – Mr Adrian Gane served until the 5th meeting (November 2010), replaced by Mr Martin Jamieson until April 2012, Mr Mark Tufnell replaced Mr Jamieson from the 7th meeting (February 2013) and resigned in May 2015

Universities Federation for Animal Welfare – Dr James Kirkwood

RSPB – Dr Mark Avery served until the 4th meeting (September 2010), replaced by Jeff Knott who served from the 5th meeting (November 2010),  succeeded by Prof. Rhys Green from the 12th meeting (June 2014)

Institute of Environment and Health – Prof. Len Levy

Countryside Alliance – Robert Gray served until the 5th meeting (November 2010), replaced by Lord Mancroft and in turn by General Sir Barney White-Spunner who served from the 7th meeting (February 2013) and resigned in May 2015

Wildfowl & Wetlands Trust – Dr Deborah Pain


Food Standards Agency – Dr Kevin D Hargin, replaced by Gavin Shears and Sarah Hardy in 2014.

Defra – Mrs Elaine Kendall, replaced by John Kilner in 2014, Miss Kate Fouracre, Mr Ashley Smith.


Ms Lucy Munro (Defra) initially provided the main committee’s secretariat support until the 5th meeting (November 2010). Dr Matt Ellis (BASC) succeeded her from the 6th meeting (April 2012). Dr. Ruth Cromie (WWT) succeeded him for the 13th Meeting (May 2015)